Africavoting is an online, secure easy voting platform that
organizers utilize for their fan voting across the globe.

How to Vote and Boost Your Favorite Contestant

Click on Contestant Image

Navigate to the platform and click on the image of the contestant you wish to vote for. This action will reveal two options - "Vote" and "Boost."
Become a premium Voter.

Cast Your Vote

Clicking "Vote" will prompt you to either log in or register on AfricaVoting. Use the Email:Password method for registration or login if you already have an account. Remember, the system permits one vote per person daily, or as per the specified voting settings.

Boost Your Contestant with Votes

Alternatively, choose the "Boost" option. Select the number of votes you wish to boost your contestant with. Follow the prompts on the payment window that appears. You have the flexibility to change the payment method to your preference.

Confirm and Pay

Review your choices, confirm the number of votes, and follow the payment prompts displayed on the window. Note that you can adjust the payment method on the side of the payment window. Your vote or boosted votes will contribute to supporting your chosen contestant.